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Which is your favorite place in your home and why so? Who do you turn to when you are really upset or worried? So, such speed dating questions would clear his/her perspective about it. Who do you think is the most influential figure in the current politics? Speed dating questions are just perfect for this purpose. In today’s world this is so rare to find someone you can call your true love. This would be really great if they say everything before you have to ask. What is that thing or incident you are really proud of? What is the most important aspect of a relationship? What is about you that you think I should really know? It would be also interesting to know that what perception they made about you when seeing you for the first time. What is that talent of you that you explore rarely? Where do you wish to go at least once in your life? Speed dating is basically to go on the first date with several guys or girls individually. Well, it can be some really embarrassing stuff or may be something personal too. You ask some questions to them and on the basis of their answers you pick the best one out of them. What do you usually talk about when you are on first date with someone? They want restaurants to serve within minutes and want such options for travelling which can make them reach in no time. Speed dating questions are one such thing which can totally revolutionized the way you pick guys or girls to date. This person can be someone who is related to them or someone they really adore. Who is that celebrity whose clothes you would like to try out at least once? What kind of dressing you like to wear in everyday life? Which is that adjective you like to receive from people? If you are having two tickets for a concert then who is the one you would like to accompany with you? What was the last thing you borrowed from someone in a disc? What was the last time you had a sleep over with your friends? The idea is actually very simple and would save you from awful heartbreaks very much. Through such kind of speed dating questions you can get to know about it well. Answers on such kind of speed dating questions can be really hilarious.

Remember that your counterpart is likely to be as nervous as you though, even if they don’t look it! You might be interested in checking Never Have I Ever Questions. This is one of the casual kind of speed dating questions to know about their likes and dislikes. Where do you wish you were born and where did you actually born? Which is the costliest thing in your wardrobe and when did you buy it? Speed dating questions can prove to be really helpful to know about someone’s outlook over such important things which we generally ignore.

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But you know sometimes picking the right one for you can be a major problem too. How would you treat your partner on a perfect date? What kind of relationship do you want to be in, where you dominate your partner or where you get dominated? What is the priority of your partner, family or friends? This is indirectly like asking about their hobbies.

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