Amanda bynes channing dating tatum sharon stone dating 24 year old

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Amanda bynes channing dating tatum

“It was one of those things that you sort of always see but you don’t think about,” explained Bynes during the press junket for the film.

“I just kind of took notes and kind of watched how guys and girls are together, and how guys kind of have to be the man, and I kind of just tried to be like that when I was Sebastian.” 7.

It would not shock me if they had another child.” Principal Gold (David Cross) Fickman: “If he has not be hauled off to crazyland, he’s probably still running the school, still running Ilyria and singing his songs.” Coach Dinklage (Vinnie Jones) Fickman: “I would have to believe the coach has continued [coaching], maybe he’s now moved up to the pros.

, Amanda spilled that shooting her makeout scenes with Channing was extra-awkward when Jenna was on set.“It was definitely strange,” she admitted.

Between Bynes’ hilarious performance as “hunky dude” Sebastian Hastings, and Channing Tatum’s slightly awkward Duke, there’s just so much to love when it comes to this story of a girl who goes to extreme lengths just to prove she can play soccer as well as the boys.

To celebrate one of the funniest rom-coms of all time, we’ve compiled a list of 7 fun tidbits you probably didn’t know about “I’m not good at all but I definitely had a great trainer and coach,” Bynes told Fox Sports in a behind the scenes interview for the film.

In order to get her prepped for the role, director Andy Fickman had Bynes observe how both genders act in public.

According to Bynes, she and the director hit up the local mall where they spent a few hours the differences between how boys acted versus how girls acted when they were together.

“Making checklists of things you’re looking for in a person is the numero uno thing you can do to guarantee you’ll be alone forever,” he said, proving that .

Additionally, a lot of the characters share the same names as their play counterparts. The scene where Viola walks behind unsuspecting men and tries to imitate their mannerisms is one of the most unforgettable moments in the film and according to Amanda Bynes, the scene in question is actual footage of her imitating unsuspecting pedestrians! I was walking along a very busy street in Vancouver, and then some people would get freaked out and angry at me, but it was fun,” Bynes revealed in an interview with MTV back in 2006.

For example, Channing Tatum’s Duke Orsino is named after Shakespeare’s Orsino, who is is in fact a Duke. So what would happen if anyone recognized her after they realized what was going on?

“I’m never attracted to the gorgeous guy,” she claimed in the same interview. Yeah, he’s beautiful, but that’s not my type.” (OK, so she didn’t say outright that she’s not attracted to Channing, but she implied it, because the man is objectively gorgeous.)But the story doesn’t end there: In late March 2006, the rumor mill kicked into overdrive when photos surfaced of .

Summary: Channing and Amanda never dated in real life; Amanda needs to rethink her taste in men; and we’re mega-jealous that she got to make out with the reigning Sexiest Man Alive — even if Jenna harshed their vibe.

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“So many films, you get there and you have one day or not even one day and you’re thrown into these situations where you’re supposed to be best friends with somebody for life,” said Tatum in an interview with i

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