Cat car moving sedating

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Before you leave make sure you consider the option of leaving your cat in a hometown boarding facility Many are just for cats and do not board dogs.

Others have the cats well away from any sight, sound or smell of a canine.

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This kind of tragedy will haunt you for the rest of your life; don’t let it happen.

Get an ID tag, or at the very least microchip your cat!

If you do use a crate, be certain that the cat is totally accustomed to it well prior to the trip. Most cats can overcome motion sickness by desensitizing them with repeat short, uneventful trips.

Gradually accustom your cat to spending time in the car with the engine off, then with the engine on, then short trips, then the cross-country adventure.

Many people have asked us for moving tips and advice so they can also provide their kitties with the most stress free experience possible when moving…I'm moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Raleigh, NC in September. Do I need to give her time out of the crate to stretch her legs?It will be an 8 hour drive and my cat will be coming with me. Would she be really dehydrated/sick if she doesn't eat or drink for 8 hours?You do not want to find this out the morning of an eight-hour, midwinter trip through the Rockies to accept that national writing award you won for the article on "Logical Steps To Effective Planning".Your attention should always be on the traffic, not on the cat!

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If your traveling pal is a good traveler, it might curl up next to you on the seat and, ah ... Do not ever allow a pet to go near the driver side floor where the brake and gas pedals are located.

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