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Dating red zones

Though revisions to the Policy of Freedom of Expression are still only a possibility at the time, students and faculty remain split in their support and predictions of what the bill could do for students if passed.“The campus and its protections really exist for the student body,” Wilhelm said.

Women who worked at the Gadsden Mall in the late 1970s said the visits from Moore, now a Senate candidate, caused young women in one store to “draw straws” to decide who would deal with him and another to hide when he came into the Sears store where she worked.

None of the cities has an official tolerance zone, although Aberdeen has an unofficial red-light district.

Mac Donald’s proposed legislation was heavily defeated in a parliamentary vote in February this year.

FIRE has given UGA a “green” freedom of expression rating.“The issue that I could see is that the regulation of speech on other areas of campus is still somewhat subjective with the time, place and manner restrictions,” Wilhelm said.

“Since the bill opens up other places on campus for ‘speech’ to happen, I suppose it opens to the door for more regulation or more challenge to regulation.”“My concern is that this could be used to, in effect, defund and possibly help to stifle or eliminate student groups that do not have funds themselves to maintain their organization,” Soloski said.

She said: "Since the Bill was last debated in parliament, the situation in Edinburgh has greatly deteriorated.

There are many more reported violent attacks on women, and residents, particularly around Leith Links, report an intolerable level of nuisance and loss of amenity since the area became one in which soliciting is carried out.

There is also less political pressure on Labour MSPs to resist the zones now the Holyrood election is behind them.

After fatally shooting his wife, Kevin Neal hid her body in their home and, hours later, embarked upon a bloody shooting rampage through the rural region, targeting Rancho Tehama Elementary School and anybody he encountered along the way, authorities said.

Washington’s ace right-hander became the 10th pitcher to win at least three Cy Young Awards.

Following residents’ complaints, the police and council accepted it was not allowed under current legislation.

Edinburgh-based group Scot PEP has found that two or three prostitutes are being attacked a week since the tolerance policy in Edinburgh was scrapped.

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It says women have been raped, sexually assaulted and beaten, and describes one incident, in which a client tried to run down a prostitute in his car, as attempted murder.

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