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= 'application/pdf': raise Validation Error('Please upload a valid PDF file') class Member(models.

If you want to maintain the behavior specified in the model, you must set the relevant arguments explicitly when declaring the form field.

Max Length Validator(self.max_length))def formfield(self, **kwargs):defaults = defaults.update(kwargs)return super(Limited Text Field, self).formfield(**defaults)But this still has no affect on Model Form validation. See here | this answer edited Sep 27 '16 at chhantyal 3,983 5 26 51 answered Jul 9 '10 at omat 2,273 4Recommend:Django Model Form Validationld that's not required, but is set to a default value when a new model instance is created. Image Field(upload_to="/",blank=True) video_url = models.

model, and you want to create a form that lets people submit comments.

In this dictionary, the keys are the field names, and the values are lists of Unicode strings representing the error messages.

The error messages are stored in lists because a field can have multiple error messages. This argument, if given, should be a dictionary mapping field names to initial values.

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Only include the fields for which you're specifying an initial value; it's not necessary to include every field in your form.

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