Intimidating news

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Intimidating news

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been complaining that chiefs are being intimidated to facilitate electoral fraud for DPP in the byelections.

The chiefs have also revealed that in Lilongwe Msozi North, DPP vice president (central region) Hetherwick Ntaba is intimidating them to mobilise their subjects to vote for a ‘DPP candidate’ or else be fired after the by-elections if the ruling party loses.

It's very narrow, it's very rough, there's a lot of swells and loop-de-loops."There's all kinds of craziness going on."Truex highlighted the opening corners as "intimidating" and has already spoken with speedway president Marcus Smith about the addition of further walls and tyre barriers for the course."Turns 1 and 2, pretty wild, narrow, concrete walls on both sides - it's a little intimidating," he said."There were a lot of spots that made me a little nervous yesterday but I'm getting more used to them now."Busch says that the track is not the finished product, but that it reminds him of Sonoma more than Watkins Glen."There's a lot of things moving and shaking and we'll continue to refine it," he said."The mindset coming here was that the 'roval' was more similar to Watkins Glen and now that we've driven on it, it's more similar to Sonoma."The speeds are much slower on the infield section than we anticipated and the oval is wide open all the way through there."Ideally, you can treat the oval like a straight and focus on the infield section to find your grip."There is no room for taking a break, or having a deep breath down a straight.""Literally, as soon as you're in high gear off Turn 4, you're into a chicane."As soon as you're back up through the gears in Turn 4 and get to fourth-gear and wide-open, you're downshifting and back on the brakes to go into the front-stretch chicane."It's a very busy track."Goodyear and the teams were said to be testing to find a road course set-up suitable for the track and to evaluate the tyres used at Watkins Glen for their Charlotte suitability.The situation is the same in in Nsanje Lalanje constituency where on Friday during a political debate for the parliamentary aspirants organised by the National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust at Bangula Primary School ground in the district, the matter was revealed.Some participants during the debate revealed that there were certain chiefs who were instructing their subjects to vote for a DPP candidate.Even giving the scout team a sixth defender didn’t sufficiently imitate the difficulty of inbounding the ball, advancing it up court and trying to run set offense.“It’s honestly very, very hard for a team at our level to try to simulate the speed, the athletic ability and the relentlessness of their defense,” Herrion said. There’s nobody else in the country who does what they do.”Such are the concerns of every coach who has prepared for college basketball’s most intimidating defense so far this season.Twelfth-ranked West Virginia has reeled off eight wins in its first nine games by unleashing a ball-hawking full-court press that’s more plunderous yet more disciplined than previous incarnations.

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Describing the incident to News24 later in the day was ama Bhungane journalist Sam Sole, one of the applicants of a recent interdict granted against BLF. “We still stand by what we have been saying today,” Lwane said.

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