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The legs and feet are pinkish grey, and unlike other robin-chats, the soles of their feet are yellow.

Most areas with dense cover with scattered trees or song posts are however suitable.The short, black bill is fairly straight, but with a slightly down-curved upper mandible. Juveniles have tails like the adults, but lack a supercilium.They are dark brown above and buff below, heavily marked with buff on the upper parts and grey-brown on the breast.Members can chat as a group about any topic that interests them. Please help us grow by telling all your friends about us. An irascible mother, an anxious daughter trying to negotiate her birthplace and her past, her former lover, their domestic workers, a homeless hunchback fighting for justice, a mining magnate, a troubled novelist called Virginia - these are the characters who give voice to the city on a day hot with nerves and tension and history.

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Dear members, Starting today, you'll notice that there's a padlock next to the domain name in the address bar.

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