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The findings build on work by social psychologist Marcia Guttentag, whose book, "Too Many Women?

The Sex Ratio Question," describes how the balance of men and women has had a profound effect on society, from sexual norms to economic power.

In Silicon Valley, which is notoriously male-dominated, women have much better chances of snagging a man.

New York has been portrayed in movies, pictures, books…

a frantic city in which there’s always something going on !

Of course, the same statistics that Berger cites regarding the uneven ratio of educated men to women in the dating world suggest that this is likely not going to happen anytime soon.

There's another reason working against the dating odds of straight, urban women: In LGBT-friendly cities like New York, Washington, and Miami, a considerable fraction of the men are gay.

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Birger estimates that in Manhattan's straight, college-grad, under-30 dating pool, there are roughly three women for every two men.

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