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Updating classpath container

The EAR Libraries or Web App Libraries containers are explicitly added to the .classpath file corresponding to any J2EE/JEE's project property Java Build Path: Libraries [Tab] , hence the projects specified in those containers are implicitly part of the build path.

The workspace Preferences for J2EE (Java EE RAD7.5 ) introduced Classpath containers settings for EAR Libraries classpath containers and Web App Libraries classpath containers as of Rational Application Developer v7.0.0.1, which are checked/set by default.

There is a classpath checker (under Preferences - J2EE) which can detect when there is a .classpath entry in place where it is not needed (because it can be dynamically computed from the MANIFEST.

Rational Application Developer v7.0 J2EE tools are based on WTP 1.5.A visible example of this change is that an EAR project, as of Rational Application Developer v7.0, has both This the concept of an EAR Library.In the case of a Dynamic Web Application project, the J2EE Module Dependencies (Java EE Module Dependencies in RAD 7.5 and Assembly Deployment in RAD v8 ) property has an EAR Libraries tab and a Web Libraries tab, while an EJB project only has EAR Libraries listed.Select this option, and m2eclipse will attempt to download the source artifact from the Maven repository.If it is unable to retrieve this source artifact, you should ask the maintainers of the project in question to upload the appropriate Maven source bundle to the central Maven repository.

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