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Time pressures meant she won just a couple of stars, taking two meals back to camp, but video messages from home cheered the hungry celebrities.

‘I think Carianne and Charlotte are quite similar in a few ways,’ says Layla, 25."That David Van Day, I hate him, he's horrible, look at me, vote for me, it shouldn't have been me, it should have been him." Meanwhile Navratilova's selection for the day's Bushtucker Trial, Wash and Cry, provided her with a distraction from Mc Lean's departure as she rooted around a foul tub of fish guts to find items of camp clothing which had stars on them.Once she found a star garment, she had to put the item of clothing on before climbing up out of the tub and pulling herself along rollers and through a jungle mangle."The trials were harder than I thought they would be," he said. You're living on top of each other and that's a pressure cooker in itself." He backed Wimbledon ace Martina Navratilova or former East Enders actor Joe Swash to win the show.But he also described ex-Dollar singer David Van Day as "a nice guy underneath it all", although he was "here to play the game".

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